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The Indian textile diaspora is as large as an ocean, with over 30 fabric crafts scattered over 29 states and seven union territories. These crafts are no less than the breezy, glittering, and beautiful rivers merging to make the most diversified and prolific legacy and culture of all time,with each state cultivating its unique textile craft for endless years.At Pinkrow, we value traditional Indian fabrics in their natural state and incorporate them into modern style.

To bring our designs to life, we take great care in finding and selecting high-quality textiles. During these times of increased awareness, a commitment to sustainability is a given, and we want to play our part. We strive to be as sustainable as feasible within our limits, and with each release, we will improve. Pinkrow’s primary focus is on design and fit, with mindful fabric and packaging decisions following suit as we strive to provide the best choices possible.


Your clothes deserve the utmost care. We believe in caring for your clothes so that they stay in good shape and last a long time. Washing can be required more or less frequently depending on how often you wear them and what kind of climate you live in. Excessive washing is, of course, not recommended in order to conserve water.

All of our garments are hand-picked with great care, taking into account the effects of the changing climate as well as the needs of modern women. Care labels are available on all of our items; we encourage that you read them and follow the instructions.